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Posted: 2/03/2013 01:31:34 PM;  Modified: 2/09/2013 10:14:35 AM
Lake Natoma, CA - The Men's Rowing team competed this past Saturday at the Golden State Indoor Rowing Championships hosted at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center. This indoor rowing event was done on the rowing machines that the rowers frequently use as a training tool.

Many of the rowers posted new personal best times for the 2000m distance, and a few placed high enough in the large field of competition to medal.

One of the Novice rowers, Matt Zmale, had written a small post about his experience at the Indoor Championships, and his thoughts on rowing. Matt has been rowing for roughly 2 months, and is an inspiration to any that row, or have thought about rowing.

From Matt Zmale:

"Golden state championships had its first competition today at Sacramento State Aquatic Center. It was an indoor Erg session and college athletes came from all over to compete in this event.

Our team did very well: we had a lot of guys break their personal records. I didn't place, but I erged my heart out and nearly passed out. With my team cheering me on I set the fastest personal record that I could manage and when it was over, to my surprise my name was called to the medal booth. Turns out that someone on our team gave me his golden medal because he said that I earned it.

Wow—how cool is that? I feel so freakin good right now I can hardly believe it. This just shows how cool these guys are. I feel so lucky to be a part of this team. Waking up at 5AM 6 days a week and rowing has been kicking my butt, but these guys make it all worth it."

A Full set list of results will be posted when available.


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